The Cost of Drunk Driving to You

Okay, so you got nailed for Drunk Driving heading home from a Holiday party, a Family get-together, a Golf Day with you buddies, what’s the big deal? Maybe it is the first time you have been caught Dunk Driving, maybe you were just over the limit. Guess What – it does not matter. Maybe it is your second time getting caught Drunk Driving, (which is much more serious). – What is the big deal, everybody drinks, right?

Here is the big Deal about getting caught drunk Driving!

Click Here for the Real Cost >>> The Real Cost of a DUI by Attorney Brian White


Potential Court Costs

Potential Court Costs


Lawyer Fees and Costs

Lawyer Fees and Costs


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Get Help for your Alcoholic loved one. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment.

Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment. Stop your Alcoholic Binge Drinking just for a few hours and go an AA Meeting, Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, do it tonight!

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