Clean and Sober the Movie

Clean and Sober

I realize Mr. Ebert is not here to defend himself so I don’t mean to take advantage. The comments that “this could happen to anyone” in his opening remarks about Michael Keaton in “Clean and Sober,” the classic movie about an alcoholic and cocaine addict who accidentally comes to terms with the real issues driving his life and behavior, (the disease of addiction), I have to disagree with. No this sort of thing does not happen to anyone, having a female night guest die in your bed from an overdose of drugs. These kind of things happen to people with serious addiction problems. Having just watched “Clean and Sober” for the 20th time over the years – I find Keaton’s performance more brilliant each time I see it. I have been in recovery since the mid-80s and understand exactly what Keaton is going through as this was very close to my own experience. He is an alcoholic and a cocaine addict and has screwed himself royally in just about every area of his life. The idea of hiding out in a Rehab center to avoid his sudden onslaught of problems, (which I will give 5 stars to the writers there), is a brilliant device to getting Keaton on the path to recovery by his checking into a safe-haven, an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center. After doing a month in Rehab and pulling all the nonsense real addicts pull to convince themselves that they are there just as a brief stopover, a place to slowdown and catch their breath – Keaton’s character Daryl Poynter actually begins to come to terms with the fact he may actually be an addict and alcoholic. He starts to buy into what his new no-nonsense AA sponsor is telling him to do once he gets out of Rehab and has to face the “real world.” Of course his life continues to fall to pieces a bit further – losing his job, and other issues, as well as trying to adjust to the new clean and sober lifestyle. But he is also damn lucky and he really doesn’t know it. The police are not after him for the girl who overdosed in his bed and his employers don’t file charges against him for $52,000 that he has embezzled – lost in the stock market on an options play that didn’t work out. Daryl being codependent and afraid to face life sober alone tries to get the Kathy Baker character to move in with him and be his new girlfriend. However, she is back to using drugs and too hooked on her junkie husband to make any real changes in her life. The movie ends with a classic scene from an AA meeting and Keaton has made it 30 days clean and has his 30 day chip in his hand while he addresses the group with a heartfelt speech about finding himself in the spot he is standing – being thirty days “Clean and Sober” and standing in front of an AA meeting which is a packed house full of people in recovery who are all there to support Keaton’s character Daryl Poynter in his recovery no matter what happens next in his life. Keaton delivers a performance that is more than credible of an alcoholic and casual drug addict who is forced to deal with his addictions after train-wrecking his life right off the tracks at 60 mph. A grateful thank you to the writers and Keaton for showing a side of life that has been ignored for too long in society and Hollywood. Remember this film is 25 years old, and still stands tall on it’s own two feet today in 2013.



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  1. This movie is awesome . I cry happy tears every time I watch it and hear his speech. There is not a lot of movies that speak close to the truth as this one does.

  2. I am drinking vodka every day with my husband I want to stop but don’t no how it’s a routine now I can’t get out of pls help me

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