Guest Blog Post About Alcoholics in the Family

A Guest Post from an Alcoholic with 30 Days Recovery


I talked with Rick for two hours the other day to listen and to talk, most of all to be a friend. Rick is an older gentlemen going through a Cancer scare and dealing with his Alcoholism.
Rick is about to get 30 days sober under his belt. His next goal is 60 days sober and hopefully 90 days sober.
I for one intend to support him. I ask anyone who reads this post to share it and make a comment so Rick can read it.
This wll help Rick get through his day without a drink. Lets pray for he can find a life of sobriety.


I watched as if I were a far off,

As my brother slowly walked away.

My heart ached as if it had

been pierced by some cold instrument

made especially to bring pain.

I called out to him more than once,

to return to me

But he only heard the voice of a stranger

and never turned to see his childhood shadow.

He has now passed beyond the horizon

singing his own song walking with a cane.

I can no longer see him from where I must remain,

But standing there, I extend my waiting hand

Knowing he will never take it again.

But in his passing I found

that the mortar he had left behind

was sufficient to mend my burdened heart.


Rick S Sherrod 2009



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Get Help for your Alcoholic loved one. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment.

Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment. Stop your Alcoholic Binge Drinking just for a few hours and go an AA Meeting, Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, do it tonight!



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Be Grateful

Be Grateful


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3 Responses to “Guest Blog Post About Alcoholics in the Family”

  1. Thank you guys for posting. Still sober again today. What allows me to stay sober any length of time is my relationship with my higher power. Also, nowadays, if I drink…I lose all appetite for food. I’ve gone 7-10 days not eating anything..not even a cracker when drinking. I love to eat when I am sober and have a good appetite…so that’s a plus for me, motivational. Also, now I am communicating with fellow alcoholics such as Tom Gillis and now you guys via net or phone. AA meetings are distant for me and I no longer attend…just carry the meeting in my psyche. Went to AA for many years and try to put into practice what I learned there. Bottom line…am sober not dry. God Bless alcoholics everywhere. Thanks again for the posts here…Rick

  2. Hi Rick my name is Dan and I am a alcoholic and have been sober seance December of 2009.

    What helped me stay sober was not thinking about the last time or how many days ago I had a drink. Plus not looking into the future like two, three, four months down the road because that was way to overwhelming for me to deal with.

    One more thing. NOTHING against aa but I wasn’t comfortable with going to it. I tried many different chapters but it made me feel more depressed before I came in and made me want to drink. Not saying that’s the case with you but don’t think you have to follow every single rule to remain sober.

  3. I’d love to guest post and to rick if you have 30 days clean concentrate on getting 31 days , it’s a cliche cause it works , one day at a time !! Stop by WordPress to check me out freddiejay @me .com

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