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Charlie Sheen Alcoholic



Alcoholics : Is Charlie Sheen an Alcoholic?
We are all familiar with Charlie Sheen. The young bright-eyed star of Platoon, a movie made 20 plus years ago. Now Charlie Sheen is the lead story in all the gossip magazines and on television. Is Charlie Sheen an Alcoholic? There is a saying in AA, it’s not a good thing to take another person’s inventory. Well, I am breaking that rule talking about Charlie Sheen and asking the question, is Charlie an alcoholic?

I only know about Charlie Sheen and his crazy behavior from what I hear on tv and occasionally read in People magazine. I am by no means an expert or fan of Charlie Sheen. But In will comment that he behaves like an Alcoholic. I don’t know if he has been to Rehab, or any programs, but his behavior is that of an alcoholic. Again, I don’t want to take his inventory, but I will comment on what I know or have heard or read.

Charlie Sheen’s behavior, that of an Alcoholic
When Charlie Sheen came to my attention as a celebrity he was getting married to his first wife Denise Richards, a woman who is quite attractive and I believe he met her on a movie shoot they did together. Denise and Charlie seemed like a good Hollywood couple. I believe they had two children together. After 4 or 5 years of marriage and two daughters, Charlie in his addictive behavior had a roaming eye for other woman. After a few flings with porn stars and assorted Hollywood bimbos, Denise called it quits. No woman likes to be cheated on. At this time, Charlie was in the news drinking, doing drugs, getting arrested for DUI and troubles with his wife. A divorce soon followed.

In Charlie’s addictions, one being sexual, he was seen with high class hookers and porn stars in tabloid newspapers. He was also noted to be drinking heavily and possibly doing drugs. He may have been court-ordered to a rehab. I believe he made an effort to clean up his act. Soon he met another young budding Hollywood cutie. And then a second marriage took place. Again, he attempted to be the happy family man. I believe he had a twin sons with his second wife Brooke Mueller. But Charlie had that marriage end in divorce too. Charlie also has an older daughter from a former girlfriend back when he was in his single days.
Charlie Quits or Loses job on TV Show

Of course at this point, besides the two wives, that Charlie has divorced and his 4 young children from his marriages and his older daughter from an old girlfriend, nothing tops Charlie quiting or losing his job on the hit TV show Two and a Half Men. It is reported Charlie made 2 to 2.5 million dollars an episode. In a season a show shoots about 22 episodes, so you do the math. That is a lot of money to walk away from, or lose your job due to your out-of-control behavior. Charlie Sheen has partied himself out of two marriages, arrests, stints in rehab, being the lead story on gossip shows and magazines and losing a job that paid essentially 2 or 2.5 million dollars a week when the show was shooting and that was 22 times a year.

Is Charlie Sheen an Alcoholic?

Regardless of your own personal conclusion, Charlie Sheen sure shows alcoholic behavior in almost everything he does. He may not yet be a full-blown alcoholic, but he is a heavy drinker and he does drugs. Women are another of Charlie’s addictive behaviors. Charlie Sheen if he is not an Alcoholic, certainly acts like an alcoholic or at least an alcoholic on what they call. “a dry drunk.” Good luck to Charlie, let us all hope he checks into Rehab for 90 days, turns his life around once and for all and lives a full -life. Let’s hope he does not end up a Hollywood sob story found one day dead in a hotel room with alcohol and drugs in his system. For his sake let’s againb hope Charlie Sheen soon gets the help he needs so desperately