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"woman drinking alone"

Wonderful Wednesday for Alcoholics

"woman drinking alone"

woman drinking alone

Wonderful Wednesday for Alcoholics

If you are an Alcoholic guess what, it is Wednesday. You have made it half-way through the week. Happy hour on Friday at five-o-clock is only 48 hours away and you have managed to make it this far through the work week without letting your drinking get out of control. That is the secret. To get through the early days of the week recovering from the weekend past of major alcohol abuse, binge drinking and now bring it down a level or two and get through work, with a few beers at lunch. And a few drinks at night because you need to keep an even keel. You have to make it through your work week and keep your drinking under wraps.

If you lose control, people will find out and who knows what might happen.
• You could lose your job
• You could get suspended from your job
• You could get the ultimatum from a boss to go to Rehab
• You could go on a bender and just not make it into work
• You could get drunk and lose your marriage
• You could get drunk and get arrested for DUI
• You could get drunk and end up in a car accident
So the goal here for actively drinking Alcoholic is to keep the drinking under control, it is Wednesday and only two more days till Friday after work and you can start to drink the way you really want to drink.

Drinking like an Alcoholic

It is the thought in any Alcoholic’s head that keeps him or her going, its Wednesday and they only have to control their drinking a couple more days and nights. And if they can do this, keep their drinking under control, any Alcoholic is going to reward themselves come happy hour on Friday with some serious drinking. It is the weekend and the Alcoholic can now drink like the alcoholic wants to drink. Part of it is just being able to let out a sigh and drink, the other part of it is a simple reward system that goes through many alcoholics brains. I made it through the week, keeping my drinking under control and now I am going to let loose and drink as much as I want. After a big evening of binge drinking Friday night, the typical Alcoholic can sleep it off Saturday and start in with some drinks around noon on Saturday morning and continue to drink right on through the weekend. The Alcoholic behavior to drink all weekend, it’s like getting a free pass to do whatever the alcoholic really wants to do and that is drink. It’s the weekend and who is to question the alcoholics behavior. Most people, if they notice, will just think that hey there is Joe or Jill and they are just having a good time. People don’t really know the amount of alcohol you are consuming is 4 or 5 times as much as even an avid weekend drinker who is not an Alcoholic and does not have a drinking problem.

So it is Wednesday, and to all the Alcoholics out there, you know what I am talking about, two more days and you can drink like you really want too.

Get Help for your Alcoholic loved one. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment.

Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment. Stop yyour Alcoholic Binge Drining just for a few hours and go an AA Meeting, Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, do it tonight!

Save a Life, save the Life of your Alcoholic loved one. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment. Get your Alcoholic loved one to an Alcohol Treatment program, or take them to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, do it today, before it is too late.