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Detox from Alcoholic Binge Drinking

After drinking for a few weeks and needing to stop so I could go out in the world – I had to go through about a 5 day withdrawl, lack of sleep, no sleep at all the first 2 or 3 days. Then there is the feeling of my nerves being on fire, like a buzz, electric current running through my body, just awful, finally falling asleep for an hour or two and waking up in a cold sweat, while dressed in a sweat shirt and sweat pants, being totally cold and wet, an hour later I am so hot I have to strip down to a tee shirt and shorts. Then chain smoking, watching TV, anything to put my mind somewhere for a while, the hours would creep by, tick – tock, ever so slowly. There was no way to eat, but trying to put something down, soup, scrambled eggs, toast, but eating just brought on the “electric buzz” in my entire body, so much fun. Then sweating and cold, hot flashes, racing thoughts, always negative, the whole world knew what a bad person I was, but then I would tell myself, no one knows or even cares, get over it.

detox from alcohol abuse and alcoholic binge drinking"

alcohol abuse and alcoholic binge drinking

Then ever so slowy as the days tick by the symptoms get less and less, maybe on the 4th or 5th day I can make it out to buy cigarettes, or soda, pepsi, something with suger in it. God I dont miss having to Detox myself from booze. – I went through that about 100 times till I finally just was too afraid to take a drink because I knew where it would eventally lead. Oh and lets not forget about the mental part of the experience, the depression, the total anxiety, and the complete paranoia, just a few of the mind f….. that come with detox. I would not drink today for all the tea in China, dont want to go through that s…. again. – just a commentary on detoxing from an Alcoholic binge. Anyone care to compare notes?

Get Help for your Alcoholic loved one. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment.

Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment. Stop yyour Alcoholic Binge Drining just for a few hours and go an AA Meeting, Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, do it tonight!

Save a Life, save the Life of your Alcoholic loved one. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment. Get your Alcoholic loved one to an Alcohol Treatment program, or take them to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, do it today, before it is too late.

"Friday Night Lights High School Football on Friday night"

Friday Night Lights

Its Friday Night and that means High School Football. “Friday Night Lights” : High School Football games will be played all over the USA tonight from Boston to Phoenix. And that also means alot of High School students and parents will be on the roads going to the games, be they are at home or away. Alcoholics will be on the road too. After getting out of work at 5pm, alcoholics will be heading for “happy hour” and drinking the early evening away. Then getting in their cars to drive home or to another bar to drink Friday night away.

So you have a combination of lots of innocent drivers out there driving to go cheer on their High School football team combined with heavy drinkers and alcoholics drinking and driving too. Its Friday night, the most dangerous night to be out and driving on the roads, whether it is just around your hometown or driving a few towns down the highway to an away game. There will be accidents tonight. That is just a fact. There will be drunk drivers on the road tonight that is also a sad fact. Just hope and pray your teenager or family makes it home from the game safely. Its Friday night, a big drinking night for any alcoholic. Its also a big night for high school football and lots of young people will be on the road to and from their local High School Football teams game. Drive safe, drive with caution, you never know what the other drivers on the road have been doing. How many have been drinking. How many have been drinking excessively. How many are alcoholics and are driving drunk. Its “Friday Night Lights,” High School football night across the USA here in the months of September, October and early November. Most teams play until Thanksgiving, for a traditional “Thanksgiving Day” final game with their arch enemy team – the rivalry game. Its Friday night, be careful out there on the roads tonight. There will be other drivers who have been drinking, other drivers who are driving drunk.

"Friday Night Lights High School Football on Friday night"

Friday Night Lights High School Football

Get Help for your Alcoholic loved one. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment.

Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment. Stop yyour Alcoholic Binge Drining just for a few hours and go an AA Meeting, Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, do it tonight!

Save a Life, save the Life of your Alcoholic loved one. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it kills people who do not seek Alcoholic Treatment. Get your Alcoholic loved one to an Alcohol Treatment program, or take them to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, do it today, before it is too late.

"depression a young woman alcoholic trying to drink away her mood and feel better drinking"

Alcoholic Depression

Many Alcoholics self-medicate. Many Alcoholics have a problem with depression. When an Alcoholic feels depressed, it is not a normal little depression that will go away in an hour watching a few re-runs on the sitcom comedy channel. No, it is much more serious than that, an alcoholics depression can last for weeks, and the worst thing to do is to drink. But it is the easiest thing for an alcoholic to do is to drink. It is the first response to feeling depressed for an alcoholic. The brain of an Alcoholic says “hey, I am depressed, lets have a few drinks and feel better.” And that may work for a couple of days, but as the drinking goes on, you can’t fool the depression lurking in the background. It is just waiting for you to come down from that initial “high” and take over your everyday life.
When a drinking Alcoholic is comming off that initial feeling a little better from the alcohol, the depression begins to set in and it’s more than just feeling sad. These feelings are intense and exagerated because you have the depression of an alcoholic and it is all the booze mixed in. It doesn’t matter if it is beer, wine, or hard liquor, that depression is going to take over. The typical Alcoholic begins to feel a deep sadness and other depressive feelings, like losing interest in the everyday things you enjoy, a feeling of hopelessness, and a lack of desire to do anything- except drink. Depression is a medical illness. And an Alcoholic in the midst of a depression will continue to drink thinking that if they drink enough that they will feel better. Just the opposite is generally true, the more the Alcoholic drinks, the worse things get. The worse the Alcoholic views the world and the worse they view their own lives.

This is a dangerous time for an alcoholic. An alcoholic may get feelings of a who cares attitude, and whats worse, who cares about me. The answer in the mind of the drinking alcoholic is often, no one. And things can get to the point where real feelings of suicide come into the mind of the drinking alcoholic. This is the happy person a few weeks ago who was drinking and having a “good time.” Now the tables have turned. If un-treated, things will continue to go downhill. The world gets gloomy. The drinking gets worse. And anything can happen at this point.

Intervention of some kind is needed to get the alcoholic to stop drinking and get all the negative thoughts out of their head. If you are feeling this way, or some one you know is in this trap, don’t take it lightly. Bad things can happen when you mix Alcohol and Depression. Reach out and get help for the alcoholic in your life you know is in this state right now – today as you read this post. Help save a friend, a brother, a sister, a spouse. Help save a life. See if an alcoholic in recovery that you know will come talk to the person actively drinking. If things are really bad, call a doctor and get your friend, or loved one to doctor’s office or an Emergency room. Don’t wait until it is too late and something dramaticly bad has happened. This is an alcoholic near or at one of the many bottoms, reach out and try and help. Offer, do something to help this drinking friend or relative. Remember, Alcoholism is a disease and this drinking depressed alcoholic needs help.
More on depression and alcoholic drinking in future posts ….

"depression a young woman alcoholic trying to drink away her mood and feel better drinking"

depression a young woman alcoholic trying to drink away her mood

"Woman Alcoholic in despair who needs Treatment and an AA Meeting"

Recovery & Treatment

The road to recovery from the disease of Alcoholism for me started in a Church Hall with about 40 strangers sitting in metal folding chairs smoking cigarettes. Each person seemed to be able to raise his or her hand and anounce their name Joe S. or Sue J. ( I am an Alcoholic ) and comment on the topic of the night. I have no idea what that topic was, all I knew was please don’t call on me. I am not ready to raise my hand and speak in front of this group and mention something about my drinking and worst of all that this was my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Yes, I was a new-comer. And I literally was in fear of being asked to talk the entire night, ( all of 90 minutes ) as I recall.
It was a start for this Alcoholic, one step down the path of recovery. One of my best friends took me to the meeting and he would soon become my sponsor. Everytime I wanted to drink I would call my sponsor and talk it out. And there were many times I called him. Those first 6 months I wanted to drink everyday. But I had an AA meeting to go to at 7 or 8 pm that night, so I held off, one minute at a time, one hour at a time, soon it was one day at a time. It did not happen over-night by any means. My recovery was slow and painful. It took alot of drinking to get me into Alcoholics Anonymous and it would take alot of AA meetings to change my thinking and help me to realize that simply put, “I could not drink.”

For anyone struggling with Alcoholism, and you deep down know you are an Alcoholic, just call the “Hotline,” find out where the closest meeting to you is and get up the courage to go to the meeting. You can always go drinking after! But that one step, going to your first AA meeting will change yor life for the better. It may change your life forever!! And it may save you from the awful things that happen to Alcohoics, car accidents, losing jobs, divorces, financial problems, legal issues, big and small trouble with the law, going to jail and the biggie, ending up dead. So suck it up, just for one night, and go to a meeting. If you need a drink to get there that is okay. Everyone at the Alcolics Anonymous meeting was standing right where you are now. And that is the absolute Truth.

"Woman Alcoholic in despair who needs Treatment and an AA Meeting"

Woman Alcoholic in despair who needs Treatment and an AA Meeting

"Heavy Drinker on his way to becoming Alcoholic"

Stigma of Alcoholism

Being a recovering Alcoholic comes with a stigma of keeping it very private. There is a great deal of shame that somehow you just assign to yourself once you land in AA or Treatment and start to take seriously the path of self-destruction you have been on. There is a lot of questioning, how did this happen? How did I let myself be come an Alcoholic. What will other people think of me? Its an awful feeling to know you have commited this terrible “sin” with your life. You were just having a good time, or so it seemed a few years ago and now you are in a Treatment Center or an AA meeting with a room full of Alcoholics. the last thing you want to admit to yourself is you belong there. But the fact of the matter is, you would not be there if you did not belong. If it was not a “life saving” measure to be in a Treatment Center or an AA meeting for the first time. You just now somehow feel different than everyone else and it takes years to finally realize that in the end, it is your life you are saving. And what other people think, is up to them, it shouls not be a concern. Friends who care will support you more than you could have imagined for getting help for yourself. Friends who choose not to support you aor want to gossip about you, are not really friends in the first place. You have to find a place where you are comfortable with yourself. If you have made it to Treatment or to AA, consider yourself lucky. Plenty of heavy drinkers, or Alcoholic drinkers never make it to a place where they can call “time-out” and actually make a change in their lives – a change for the better without question.

"Heavy Drinker on his way to becoming Alcoholic"

Heavy Drinker on his way to becoming Alcoholic

"Investor Group reviewing Alcoholicshare"

Venture Capital Investor Angel is looking for any help it can get as a presense online. I believe this NON-PROFIT developed properly will save the life of many Alcoholics and save the lives of a family suffering from the disease of Alcoholism, living with a violent Alcoholic.

    1) Helping Alcoholics get into treament.

    2) Lobbying Insurance to pay the fees for Treatment.

    3) Lobbying Government to a driver’s license away from multiple DUI offenders.

    4) Helping Women and Children get out of violent situations with a drinking Alcoholic.

    5) Taking the Social Stigma away from the Disease of Alcoholism.

Promoting Social Awareness of the disease of Alcoholism. Being a NonProfit any funds AlcoholicShare raises over time will go to help an Alcoholic get treatment, go to help a family excape a violent home.
If an there is an Investor Angel out there that wants to know more about what I am trying to do here please contact me.

A Venture Capital Firm that wants to do good in the world and help a little nonprofit get off the ground, contact me.
This web site and other web sites made correctly will help people in trouble, people who are hitting rock bottom, people in alcoholic domestic violent situations.
These are a few goals of AlcoholicShare Inc., to show those who are in the middle of the disease of Alcoholism that there is a way out.

Anyone willing to help me on this project financially, or if you are a web designer, web developer, web development company and you want to help a start-up nonprofit get going, please contact me.

I am not too proud to tell the internet, I want to do some good here for those suffering from Alcoholism. And I do need help. Why do I want to do this? Because at age 50 I looked at my life and realized that 90% of my life and time on this earth has been afflicted with the disease of Alcoholism. I have developed 200 sites in the past 11 years, this will be my last project as I will devote all my time to it until it becomes what I envison come to life. Any ideas, any design help, any financial help, more than appreciated, please contact me from the contact page. … God Bless.

note: in recovery since 1984: H. Thomas Gillis : Pres. AlcoholicShare Inc.

"Investor Group reviewing Alcoholicshare"

Investor Group reviewing Alcoholicshare

"Man drinking all day at hos favorite sports bar on NFL Sunday, too much drinking"

NFL Sunday

NFL Sunday is a big drinking day for any Alcoholic. Watching the games on TV at home or in your favorite sports bar, an Alcoholic can drink the hang-over away from Saturday night and it is okay, considered normal behavior. The games have just started as I write this post and I am waiting for the first Beer Commercial. Drinking on a Sunday is not normal behavior, it is Alcoholic behavior. NFL Football Sunday has become an excuse for any Alcoholic to drink all day and no one will think there must be something wrong. Why? Because most fans are drinking while they watch the games. We have ( 10 ) ten hours of pro-football ahead of us. The games start here on the East Coast where I am at one-o-clock. The late games run from ( 4 ) four-o-clock to a little after ( 7 ) seven pm. Then we will have “Sunday Night” football and those Alcoholics out there can keep drinking until ( 11 ) eleven pm at night today. If drinking all day, and finishing off the day with a night of NFL Football watching the late night game in your local sports bar is not enough, the real Alcoholics out there are secretly thinking, “thank God” a reason to drink all day long – the NFL – this is great!.

"Man drinking all day at his favorite sports bar on NFL Sunday, too much drinking"

Man drinking all day at his favorite sports bar on NFL Sunday, too much drinking

Now don’t get me wrong, the NFL is not the culprit here but they do have a small part that they play. The constant Beer commercials, mixing in truck commercials, it is all part of the culture around being a “fan” and watching all the games from the early afternoon to almost mid-night on Sunday. It’s another day and night Alcoholics will be drinking and out on the road driving, yes, drinking and driving – driving drunk. Here we are 25 minutes into the first NFL game and the first “Truck” commercial. The “Beer” commercials are soon to follow. There will be Budweiser, Miller Lite, and Coors beer, a big NFL sponsor. Coors is such a big sponsor of the NFL and ESPN highlights of the games, that they have ESPN in re-capping the games highlights, what they call. “The Coors – Hard Cold facts!”

Tell me it’s okay to drink all day watching NFL Sunday football from early afternoon till late night. Any Alcoholic will tell you, how can I watch the games without drining a few beers. Kind of like an addicted gambler who has to bet on the games to make them more exciting. So when you are out today, out on the road driving doing normal Sunday things alone or with your family, please, please, please, be aware there are Alcoholics who have been drinking all day long, being loyal fans of the NFL, going through their Sunday ritual of drinking and watching their teams play at their local Sports bar.

Note : End of first quarter and First Beer Commercial: 1:40 pm East Coast time.

"Car Accident on a major Highway"

Drunk Driving

"Car Accident on a major Highway"

Drinking and Driving leads to car Accidents

Saturday night is the worst night to be out on the roads. Many Alcoholics are out on the roads “Drunk” and driving.
As an Alcoholic in recovery 27 years, I can confess many times I went out on a Saturday night and drank excessively, to the point where I was completely drunk. This did not stop me from driving. I was drinking and driving. By the “Grace of God” I never had an accident, hurtmyself, hurt another person. But it happens somewhere every Saturday night. Drunk drivers are on the road. Many have been drinking all day, starting ( in the fall ), with a football tailgate party. Please be careful driving on the roads and highways on a “party”night like a Saturday night. God Bless, and may you and your loved ones be safe.

"For me a typical night of drinking started witha few shots of Tequila to get things rolling"

An Alcoholic Story

For me a typical night of drinking started with a few shots of Tequila to get things rolling

Drinking shots of liquor to get the night going

I am sure my story is unique.  Yet my story is the same as many Alcoholics.  When I took my First Drink, that was it.  I found that special feeling every alcoholic knows.  I found my best friend, beer, tequila, gin, vodka, whiskey, you name it, if it got me drunk, I was all over it.  I drank for one reason and that was to get drunk.  Ask any Alcoholic about their first drinking episode and 99 out of 100 will tell you that they fell in love with “booze,” and that they drank for one reason, to get as drunk as possible.  That first drink was all it took and I was a hooked.  Alcohol had its hooks in me but good.  And there was no stopping the run-away train that was just starting to leave the station.  Little did I know where that train was heading, and little did I know I was on that train. But more about that later …..
An Alcoholic’s journey to their own personal bottoms are all different and still again have a common thread running though them.  And like me, many Alcoholics have to bounce off that bottom a few times, several times, 20 times, 50 times, – I bounced off my personal bottom probably 100 times or more, (but that is just a guess ).  My Alcoholic story, it’s not pretty.  And it is only a success, ( if you care to categorize it that way), because I am still here, alive, to write about it.
Before I even start to go down the road on the subject of Alcoholism, real Alcoholism, I need to stop. I will address what it is like to be a real Alcoholic in other posts and pages.

"Alcohol Abuse Alcoholic Drinking, How to Stop Drinking"

Alcoholic Bottom ( one of many)

I am an Alcoholic.  I want to share my Alcoholic story with you.  I am hoping if you are an Alcoholic that you can find hope an inspiration to put the bottle down and change your life today.  Yes, decide to change your life today. In the middle of one of my countless bouts with the bottle, I was trying to pull-up and stop drinking.  Two or three weeks of drinking was enough, my life was slowly sinking into the depths of despair and I called my sponser to ask him – ” How do I stop drinking?”  His response to me was ” One minute at a time, one minute at a time you don’t drink.”  If you are desperately seeking advice as to how to stop the current Alcoholic binge that you are on right now, my advice to you is to stop drinking “One minute at a time, just one minute at a time.” – Robby R.

"Alcohol Abuse Alcoholic Drinking, How to Stop Drinking"

Alcohol Abuse Alcoholic Drinking, How to Stop Drinking

"Depressed Forty Year Old Man Drinking Alone in Bar"

Home Page

Welcome to : Mission Statement :

The Mission of AlcoholicShare, Inc. is to educate and bring awareness to the public that alcoholism and the everyday problems of alcoholics are serious issues that effect society as a whole and to act as an advocate for alcoholics by bringing social awareness to the fact that alcoholism is a deadly disease.

AlcoholicShare, Inc, is determined at bringing it’s message to the public by using internet technology and the popular Social Media forums to increase awareness to the general public and to educate the general public as to the serious nature that alcoholism presents every area of society today. AlcoholicShare, Inc. is committed to educate, raise awareness and advocate for alcoholics and the disease of alcoholism through the most well-known Social Media discussion forums and platforms there by increasing awareness, education and understanding of the devastating damage alcoholism causes to society and especially to the family unit living with an actively drinking alcoholic.

AlcoholicShare, Inc. advocates that the public know and understand that alcoholism be recognized as the deadly disease it is and the overall risk alcoholism poses to society as a whole on an everyday basis is dramatic, yet not talked about, but hidden away as a taboo subject matter. Alcoholics Anonymous is just that anonymous and is not concerned with informing the public as to the real dangers of alcoholism, that it poses not just to the alcoholic, but to the everyday person walking the street. Alcoholic issues such as drunk drivers and/or alcoholics driving drunk happens everyday, domestic violence related to alcoholic incidents is a serious concern, teenage and underage use of alcohol is a dangerous issue, the role alcohol plays in many fatalities such as drunk driving accidents, alcohol poisoning due to over-use of alcoholic beverages, the role alcohol plays in domestic violence, just to name a few topics.

AlcoholicShare, Inc. believes part of it’s mission is to inform and educate the public as to issues such as the cost to society by people hospitalized due to alcohol related incidents, the overall cost to employers due to employees calling in with ‘sick-days,’ that are actually alcohol-related, the loss in work force productivity is estimated by some studies to be as high as 10% due to employees working as ‘functional alcoholics,’ the fact that studies show when police respond to a call 22% of the time alcohol plays a role in the incident, the total financial cost that society pays due to the social problem of alcoholism.

AlcoholicShare, Inc. with use of all the popular Social Media forums and platforms on the internet today will deliver it’s message of education and create definitive awareness to the general public regarding the social problem of alcoholism and act as an advocate for education, awareness, caution, socially conscious awareness and focused information that alcoholics to be recognized as individuals with a fatal deadly disease who are in need of help and concern by the general public and should not be looked upon as a sub-group of society that simply has no-will power to put down a drink. Alcoholism is a disease that affect s almost 20 million Americans and for each active alcoholic 4 other family members are also affected that translates into 100 million people in America suffering from alcoholism as anyone will learn in AA or any informed psychiatrist, psychologist or academic on the topic of alcoholism will state that alcoholism is a family disease. AlcoholicShare, Inc. considers it to be it’s main mission to get to information about alcoholism out to all who will listen, and wish to be informed, as alcoholism needs to come out of the shadows and into the main-stream social discussion through education, awareness, avocation on all the large popular Social Media internet networks which millions of people log on to everyday.

"Depressed Forty Year Old Man Drinking Alone in Bar"

Depressed Forty Year Old Man Drinking Alone in Bar