Alcohol Changes Lives

Alcohol Changes Lives: It could happen to you.

One night I went out to the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Sydney Austraila. The buzz was great, people everywhere and the dancing was amazing. I was nicely drunk but I still remember most of the night. We danced out on a terrace as the DJ played great songs to get us going. I kept […]

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Innocent Alcohol is the Most Lethal Drug

Alcohol is the most lethal drug causing injuries, health problems and even deaths to people worldwide. Most people think that because cocaine, heroine and bang are not legalized then they are the most dangerous drugs but this is untrue. Alcohol is the only drug which can cause sudden death to the user in relation to […]

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Ben and Sea Leaving Las Vegas

Nicholas Cage Leaving Las Vegas Alcoholic

Yesterday I watched “Leaving Las Vegas” with Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue. It is easily my favorite movie dealing with alcoholism ever made. Why? Probably because my drinking was almost as bad as Cage who portrays an alcoholic with a real death wish. There are two scenes in particular past the mid-point of the movie […]

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alcoholic drinking and addiction

Memo to a Father whos Son is a Heroin Addict

Memo to a Father who’s Son is a Heroin Addict   Post by   written by – H. Thomas Gillis September 20, 2013   Thomas Gillis AlcoholicShare, Inc. – a nonprofit

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How long do I stay in Rehab?

How long do I stay in Rehab? How long is the right length of stay for an alcoholic in Rehab? What is the right amount of time, 2 weeks, 28 days, 90 days, what is the correct length of stay for the recovering alcoholic. In my opinion once you pass the 90 day mark, it […]

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Alcoholic in Recovery Who We Let in Our Lives?

As an Alcoholic in Recovery, Who We Let into Our Life ?? Post by   I could write on and one, but the simple way to address the issue is; As a Recovering Alcoholic, do I have loving, caring, supportive people in my life? Are they making my recovery easier or more difficult ?? […]

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Notes on Being a Recovering Alcoholic

Notes on Being a Recovering Alcoholic I am a recovering alcoholic and I always will be, thank God. And I say thank God about the “recovering “part. I could simply be an alcoholic without the right to proclaim recovering first. There were some pretty rough moments in my life. There still are but they just […]

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Addiction to Nicotine Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Addiction to Nicotine Quit Smoking Cigarettes The endless battle with smoking finds its way into your life as a normal behavior. How did this happen? How can you change it? How can you quit? The addiction to nicotine that makes you crave more and more until one cigarette is one too many and one hundred […]

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When Someone Falls in to Alcoholic Relapse

When Someone Falls in to Relapse written by Michael Liimatta June 24, 2013 What should we do with graduates who turn to our recovery program after they have relapse? addiction recovery programs, addicts spend several months to a year or more in a relatively safe, drug- and alcohol-free environment. While involved with the program, they […]

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Lawyer Fees and Costs

The Cost of Drunk Driving to You

Okay, so you got nailed for Drunk Driving heading home from a Holiday party, a Family get-together, a Golf Day with you buddies, what’s the big deal? Maybe it is the first time you have been caught Dunk Driving, maybe you were just over the limit. Guess What – it does not matter. Maybe it […]

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Cory Monteith Dead Alcohol and Drugs

Cory Monteith VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — “Glee” actor Cory Monteith died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol, the British Columbia coroner’s office said Tuesday. “There is no evidence to suggest Mr. Monteith’s death was anything other than a most tragic accident,” the office said in a statement. The 31-year-old was found dead in […]

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Clean and Sober the Movie

Clean and Sober I realize Mr. Ebert is not here to defend himself so I don’t mean to take advantage. The comments that “this could happen to anyone” in his opening remarks about Michael Keaton in “Clean and Sober,” the classic movie about an alcoholic and cocaine addict who accidentally comes to terms with the […]

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The Truth and Alcoholic Living

TRUTH Each of us one day sooner or later has to face the truth about our drinking. If we choose to not live in a realm of truth we condemn ourselves to a fate of repeating the past and our mistakes over and over again. When you are Alcoholic you simply don’t have the luxury […]

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"Woman Alcoholic Drinking Alone"

How to Understand Alcoholism

How to Understand Alcoholism   Alcoholism can be hard to understand. I think that the most important thing about alcoholism and people who think they may be alcoholic is this: you need to understand what alcoholism is. The effect of alcohol on the alcoholic mind is different than the effect of alcohol in someone who […]

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passed out girl from drinking

Calling 911 Shouldn’t Lead to Jail

Calling 911 Shouldn’t Lead to Jail PARENTS of drug-addicted kids learn the hard way that when we think things can’t get worse, they do. As a teenager, my son, Nic, was addicted to methamphetamine, heroin and other drugs. At 20, he had used most of the illicit drugs known to man. But one night, partying […]

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Sobriety Living A Sober Life

Sobriety Living A Sober Life It was requested of me…no that is not true, it was suggested, no that’s not right either, I was told if I felt like it I could write a 500 word guest blog for I have decided to give this a try, taking me completely out of my comfort […]

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The Eight Ts To Remember

The Eight Ts     The Eight T’s To Remember – Take the time to think the thing through. (if you want to stay sober)   Thomas Gillis AlcoholicShare, Inc. – a nonprofit

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Do you Really want to be this guy ?

Guest Blog Shares The Point of No Return with Booze

The Point of No Return with Booze   “Cunning, baffling, and powerful!” Until this past year, that was a term that I had never taken the time to focus on. There were so many things that I had done to myself and others. After hitting rock bottom several times, I decided that I had to […]

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Guest Blog Post About Alcoholics in the Family

A Guest Post from an Alcoholic with 30 Days Recovery   I talked with Rick for two hours the other day to listen and to talk, most of all to be a friend. Rick is an older gentlemen going through a Cancer scare and dealing with his Alcoholism. Rick is about to get 30 days […]

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Guest Blogger Teenager Katherine Eight Days

A Teenager Katherine Gets Sober and Stays Sober Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff, your toes just barely hanging over empty space, and then looked down? You get a strange feeling in your body, like all your organs, blood, and bones have disappeared, leaving you weak and helpless. You get the […]

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